Six Marketing Stats to Chew On

Statistics are firing out of all corners of the web marketing spectrum right now at record pace. Whatever line of work you happen to be in, we’d like to think you’ll find something in the following roundup of value.
Or if not specifically of value, at least moderately interesting!

So if you’ve been wondering how the humble everyday consumer has been behaving over the past couple of weeks, here’s a quick rundown of six more marketing stats to chew on this morning:

1. TV Gets Social
Not that it wasn’t already social to some extent, but there are certain shows that are driving the kind of online engagement never before seen. Incredibly, by the middle of May, The Walking Dead had chalked up a quite astonishing 18 million engagements from fans and followers online.

2. Gamers Shop More
If you are really looking to step up the performance of your online retail business, you might want to think about tailoring your marketing efforts in favour of gamers. According to a recent study carried out by Chartboost, approximately 28% of non-gamers spend three or more hours per week shopping online. However, this steps up to a whopping 47% among audiences who consider themselves to be gamers.

3. Inspiring Superheroes
Most of the time, the vast majority of Internet chatter regarding new movies comes from male audiences. And by a wide margin, to say the least.  Nevertheless, research has shown that more than 50% of all those discussing the new Wonder Woman movie online are in fact female.

4. Snapchat Vs Twitter
In the on-going battle between Snapchat and Twitter, it appears the latter definitely gets the vote as far as journalists are concerned. When a group of 400 working journalists was asked, more than 70% of them stated that Twitter is a valuable tool for reporting. By contrast, just 4% said the same thing about Snapchat.

5. Mobile Madness
The evolution of mobile is continuing at exactly the kind of pace predicted, according to the latest annual forecast by Zenith Media. While it’s unlikely to serve as particularly positive news for radio and television executives, the mobile web is expected to account for approximately 26% of all global media consumption within two years – an impressive increase from the 19% recorded in 2016.

6. Pennies for Pokemon
Last but not least, if you wondered exactly how much cash the creators of Pokemon Go are raking in, the answer is…a lot! At least in terms of sponsored locations, as it has been revealed that every time a player visits a sponsored location, the retailer in question is charged anywhere from 15c to 50c. Which given the sheer scale of the Pokemon Go phenomenon amounts to an absolutely epic amount of cash that isn’t about to dry up anytime soon!