New Technologies Set to Make Their Mark on Digital Marketing

It seems like we are living in a pretty advanced era right now, but we really aren’t. At least, not compared to how things will be just a couple of decades from now, when the way we go about things right now will seem nothing short of archaic.

It’s not to say that the technology we are used to today will be entirely obsolete – it will simply seem outdated compared to what’s available at the time.

Which of course is of exceptional importance to digital marketers, who will be expected to capitalise on all new forms of technology with their campaigns and strategies. The goalposts with digital are shifting like crazy all the time, but the upcoming changes on the horizon…well, let’s just say we’ve seen nothing yet.

So for those working in digital marketing capacities, exactly what kinds of new technologies will soon be changing everything we’ve come to know about what we do?

1. Augmented Reality

First of all, augmented reality has been a thing for many years now, but yet has only just made its first massive mark on mainstream audiences. And it’s the phenomenon that was and is Pokémon Go that we have to thank for it, too. Smartphones and their respective apps have been using augmented reality over recent years for a wide variety of semi-rudimentary purposes. Just as soon as these are polished into the kinds of lifestyle tools we cannot live without, it’s likely that none of us will go a single day without using AR in one form or another.

2. Virtual Reality

Likewise, virtual reality has been around for decades longer than augmented reality, though is in a similar fashion only just beginning to creep out into the mainstream. In this instance, it’s the way in which high quality VR hardware and software is for the first time becoming a genuinely affordable and accessible option for the average consumer. The HTC Vive is the biggest thing to hit the scene so far, though PlayStation VR could well take the crown soon enough.  Either way, VR is something today’s digital marketer really cannot afford to overlook in terms of value and importance.

3. AI Assistants

Despite the fact that you have them at your disposal 24 hours a day, chances are that at present you rarely use things like Cortana and Siri. They’re fun to play with, but not exactly what you would call indispensable.  Nevertheless, these are the kinds of AI assistants that represent nothing more than a sneak preview of what’s to come going forward. In fact, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that within a couple of decades at the very most, AI assistants will play such a role in your everyday life that you cannot imagine living without them.

4. Data Visualisation

Big data is already big enough, but how about in an era where our lives are monitored, tracked, recorded and analysed quite literally on a 24/7 basis? The simple fact of the matter is that soon enough, there is going to be exponentially more data than all human beings in the world combined could collectively deal with. Which is precisely why data simplification and visualisation technology is going to play an increasingly important role for those looking to make sense of the literally infinite volume of data available to them.

5. Marketing Automation

Last up, human marketers need not fear for their jobs quite yet, but we are nonetheless entering an era where intelligent software and computer systems are able to automate more of the marketing process than ever before. It’s not a case of automation completely taking over, but rather enhancing and expanding the capabilities of marketing experts and generally making life easier for them. Think computers successfully handling e-mail marketing campaigns, perhaps less successfully charged with blog posting and PR.