How To Get Noticed On Social Media

With so many millions of people connected to the web, it can be hard for a brand to get noticed online. We’re told that one-on-one communication with customers these days, but with every company trying to do this in their own way, how do you stand out? It’s not just enough to make a certain number of social media posts every day – you have to learn how to add value for your customers online, while appearing approachable.

This is harder to do than you might think, but here are some key strategy points to bear in mind:

Relax: If you want to do well on social media you’ve got to loosen your tie a bit and bring your personality out. It’s not about trying to impress potential clients with your business acumen or telling them about how great your new products are. When you are posting, you should be thinking: what will make them smile? What can they personally relate to? If social media users start seeing you as more than just a faceless brand, they will begin to pay attention to what you say.

Add Value: These days, most people will start to zone out as soon as they are bombarded with advertisements. Who hasn’t been irritated by pop-up ads when they are trying to read something interesting? Because of this, the social media content you generate should be useful or interesting to your readers right away – not further on down the line once they’ve purchased from you. Post links to useful articles, offer free promotions or get customers involved in competitions. This is the way to keep people turned on to your social media channels.

Get Them Sharing: With social media, one of your main goals is to get users to share your posts. A successful viral marketing campaign can help you win new customers all over the world and the great thing is, once you’ve set it in train you just have to sit back and let others do the marketing for you. The best way to starting thinking of a video or post that people want to share is to go back through your own social media channels and look of all the things you have shared. What was it about them that made you do it? How did they make you feel? How might they appeal to your customer base?

Be Consistent: If you have a really individual style online then people will start to recognise and respond to it. This means making sure all your posts have the same ‘voice’ and set of values. It can be tricky to get the balance right between being too aloof and too familiar, but once you achieve this you need to stick to it.