Five Content Marketing Essentials for 2019

Make no mistake about it – the time to get started on your 2019 content marketing strategy is right now. The earlier you set things in motion, the better! But what should you be focusing your efforts on this year? If looking to maximise the ROI on your content marketing spend, what’s most worthy of your time and attention?

As usual, a whole bunch of trends look set to dominate the landscape in 2019.  Nevertheless, the following five essentials should form the crux of your content marketing strategy:

1. Focus on Valuable Content

First up, it’s worth remembering that the average consumer is now exposed to at least 7,000 marketing messages per day. This avalanche of information inevitably results in most content been completely ignored.  Hence, the time has come to focus more heavily than ever before on the value of your content.  Value can be determined by assessing how useful, informative and entertaining your content is. Along with existing for a reason, every item of content you publish should also bring significant value to the table.

2. Establish a Content Hub

It’s no longer enough to publish the majority of your original content via Facebook, LinkedIn or on a third-party site.  If you haven’t already done so, you might want to think about setting yourself up with a central content hub.  If you run an online store or web business of any kind, you should be able to integrate some kind of add-on for your blog. If not, you might want to think about website migration, in order to combine your primary web business with your new content hub.

3. Maximise Accessibility

Without exception, all content you produce and publish should prioritise mobile audiences. Accessibility has become the ultimate deal-breaker for tens of millions of mobile web users worldwide. If they can’t quickly and easily access your content, they won’t access it at all. This is precisely where the value of simplicity and a streamlined UI comes into the equation. Modern audiences are no longer impressed by the unnecessary – irrespective of how technically sophisticated it may be.

4. SEO Integration

The value of SEO is going nowhere but up for the foreseeable future at least.  Along with the more technical aspects of SEO, it’s important to take every opportunity to optimise your everyday content. Or to put it another way, everything you publish should be engineered with maximum SEO value in mind. Not to such an extent that its quality takes a hit, but sufficient enough to boost its appeal in SEO stakes.

5.  Engage Your Audience

Last but not least, content marketing can no longer be considered a one-way channel of communication. The most successful businesses are those able to engage their customers at a deeper level. Get involved with the conversation via social media, host competitions, offer email subscriptions, invite feedback and commentary – whatever it takes to give your audience a voice. Get it right and you could gain access to the kind of social proof that’s worth its weight in gold.