Best Practices for Improved PPC Copywriting

Depending on how you choose to approach it, a PPC campaign has the potential to be incredibly lucrative or a total waste of time. More often than not, the only difference lies in the effectiveness of the ad text.

No matter how prominent your PPC ads are placed, they will come to nothing without highly effective copy. There is no silver bullet for creating the perfect PPC ads, but there are a few helpful techniques and tips that could steer things in the right direction.

1.  Carefully think about your market’s requirements
Avoid the rather unfortunate habit of talking about your company in your ad copy. Instead, try to focus on the reader’s requirements. Make it instantly clear how your business can and will solve their problems if they click the ad.

2. Speak to your customers directly
It could also be useful to address your customers directly, using words like “you” and “your” to grab their attention. It is a simple case of giving the impression you are speaking to your audience on a one-to-one basis, which will make them feel valued, important and empowered to take action.

3. Make use of emotional triggers
Uninspiring and boring ad copy is basically the worst copy you can create. At the opposite end, emotive ad copy that triggers emotional reactions is the most compelling and engaging copy of all. Anxiety, desire, envy, fear of missing out – all very simple to leverage with your ad copy.

4. Include numbers to your advantage
New low prices, percentage discounts, the number of satisfied customers you have served, five star ratings you have collected to date – all powerfully and quickly communicated in simple numbers. On a basic subconscious level, most consumers respond to numbers more instinctively than standard text copy.

5. Don’t forget the competition
Consider how some of your most powerful and successful competitors are handling their ad campaigns. Take a look at their PPC ad copy, compare it to your own and decide if there are possible areas for improvement. Just don’t make the common mistake of trying to copy their ads – it will most certainly not work in your favour.

6. Draw attention to your USP
Whatever it is that makes your services, products and your company unique, this needs to form the basis of your ad copy. What really makes you different? Why are you better than the competition? Why should your customers trust you? Try to avoid anything too generic and focus on making your offer unique and irresistible.

7. Use the local lingo
If you are focusing on one specific locality, it makes sense to tailor your PPC ads accordingly. Make it clear you are a local business, using references and local terminology to build trust and familiarity.

8. Use compelling CTAs.
Last up, the large majority of consumers have now become desensitised to generic calls to action. Therefore, the classic “Call Now” rarely instil any sense of urgency. Instead, get creative with more influential words like Save, Join, Start, Receive, Get, Build and so on. Use calls to action that are able to communicate some kind of value for the consumers who go ahead and click the ad.