7 Ways to Profit More from Your Social Media Pictures

Here is a question – what would social media become without incredible images? The answer – painfully boring and bland. High-quality images are inherently more memorable and impactful than any combination of text you could ever write.
Hence, that is why they form such a crucial element of the wider social media marketing package.

Still, this will not mean that a series of images with no concrete meaning will have a positive influence on your wider marketing campaign. If you’re looking to get the maximum value from your social media pictures, there are 7 crucial things you need to focus on:

1.  Keep Your Branding Consistent

The single most crucial thing to make sure is that every picture you post is consistent with your brand. Fonts, Colour themes, style, tone of voice and the overall “feel” should be 100% you.

2. Keep platform-specific

Just to clarify this point – this doesn’t mean that you must by all means create completely unique pictures for every social media website. Instead, it is simply a case of adjusting them where necessary to suit both the social media platforms and the preferences of their target audience.

3. Design principles

When taking and posting images, it is worth getting familiar with at least some of the most basic design principles. How to effectively approach space, colour, balance, contrast, symmetry and so on – all the kinds of things that could add up to outstanding images.

4.  Be mindful with text

Including text within your pictures could be very effective, though has to be approached carefully. For instance, too much text within any picture could be off-putting for the large majority of audiences. Quotations usually perform strongly and so does any information when it comes to specials or promotions of any kind.

5.  Set a routine

If you advertise the same special offer or post about the same event at the same time every day or every week, repetition could actually be a good thing. Creating some familiarity with your customers often works wonders, as opposed to trying frantically to create unique visuals and pictures in general each time an ad or promo is featured.

6. Clear CTAs

Without detracting too much attention from the focus of the picture, you will need to ensure that your CTAs are as accessible and clear as possible. If you’re using images to promote anything whatsoever, the simpler you make it for customers to take action, the better.

7. Consistently relevant

Lastly, it is important to focus on the relevance of every image you post on your social media platforms. The reason is that publishing random pictures just because it will look nice could have a marked effect on the perceived quality of your social media profile. If the image doesn’t have relevance to your niche, you may want to leave it out of the equation completely.